HexaLines – a nice puzzle game for Windows Mobile

Your aim is to fill up as many paths as possible with your color, you can add hexagons or rotate with them. You are playing against two other players – against your friends or against sophisticated computer players (AI). You can pour your color into your opponent’s lines and destroy their hexagons, or cut off their sources. Game ends if the whole game plan is filled, or if the only one player has survived.


  • Very addictive gameplay
  • 25 in-game achievements
  • 3 sizes of game plan, 2 game modes
  • Playing against an AI’s, or against friends (on one device)
  • Interactive “how to play” tutorial
  • “Undo move” and “resume game” features
  • Nice graphical effects, animations and sounds

45 types of hexagons with their rotations are giving you really plenty possibilities, just how could the game end. Similar game has never been there before. It was exclusively designed for Pocket PC platform and the gameplay was carefully tuned for over one year.

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