Blue Notify – Facebook notification app for Android phones

Blue Notify is an application that has one main function, to notify you when you get a Facebook notification. The first version is out and is available on Android Market at the price of £0.79. Search for “Blue Notify” on Market.


  • Choose polling time
  • Alerts on Notifications and Inbox Messages
  • Vibrate, LED and Sound options
  • Open notifications in web browser (touch or web version of Facebook)
  • If a connection is unavailable, the app will automatically retry when connected. Compatible with JuiceDefender.
  • Doesn’t use a Service therefore no long running processes.

Further versions will then build on this to include:

  • More Vibrate, Ringtone and LED options
  • Open notifications in official Facebook app
  • Better icons
  • Add notifications for pokes and friend requests.

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