Google Drive launching within days

Google Drive
Google Drive


Google’s cloud storage service, known as Drive, is going to launch within days, according to The Next Web, who have received a draft release from a partner of Google’s upcoming Google Drive service, which contained information about all major details about the service, which is expected to be released next week and will be available at . Google are planning to offer each user 5GB of storage space for free. That’s quite a lot more than their main competitor, Dropbox, currently have to offer, but then again, with Dropbox there are easy ways of getting some more space. Drive will, of course, offer additional space, but its price remains unknown so far. The service will be available for Windows and Mac, with Android and iOS clients also being released at the same time.

The cloud service market is currently growing rapidly, with companies such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft already offering their own solutions and Dropbox partnering with HTC and Samsung in order to become more popular with mobile users, so its going to be very interesting to see if Google can make it. B. A.

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