Freedom Pro bluetooth keyboard with the HTC HD2

Windows Mobile has supported Bluetooth keyboards for ages now, and Windows Mobile 5 introduced a standard Bluetooth HID profile, making it easier than ever to connect.

This time, we have an HTC HD2 to review with the Freedom Pro Bluetooth keyboard – it’s powered by 2 AAA batteries (included) and also ships with a nice leather slipcase which appears rather sturdy.  Unfortunately even when folded and stored in the case the combination is pretty large, certainly not trouser pocketable, but would fit in a large coat pocket or purse. Included in a small hidden slot is a pretty nice stand, which will keep an HTC HD2 steady in both portrait and landscape mode, which given the HTC HD2’s aversion to landscape mode is a useful ability. The biggest issue however is with the HTC HD2 and Windows Mobile 6.5.  The OS has been redesigned to primarily support touch, meaning in normal use, even with the keyboard, one ends up needing to constantly touch the screen to select menu its and so forth, an issue accentuated by the inability to install the drivers.

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