Free SIM unlock for HTC Monet / HTC Lobster / HTC S320

HTC Monet is a quite old phone now, but this guide is for free and may help someone.


IMPORTANT : Before you start the procedure, remove the SIM and Memory card!

1. Download: (CLICK HERE) (it contains – 4 files) and unzip it.
2. Install WST v4.2.2 setup.exe.
3. Click <Enab. RAPI + Unsigned Apps> first , then click <Repair IMEI> , now check and save ( write on paper) your original IMEI and then enter the new temporary IMEI : 355046015665718 (In next step you will need your original IMEI before change – you have to go back to it later).
4. Start Monet_Unlock.exe, when program ask for .unl file, select file xxx.unl.
5. After it starts WST, click <Repair IMEI> and change to your original IMEI.
6. Put your SIM card and chceck if it works.

Remember, do it on your own risk!

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