FindMyCar – find your parked car automatically

Devices running Windows Mobile 5 or later (touch screen).
Internal GPS.
Car charger.
Microsoft Compact Framework 3.5

FindMyCar runs in the background and uses the GPS to estimate where you last parked your car.
The GPS is activated mainly when connected to a car charger to eliminate battery drain.
Once FindMyCar succeeded in estimating your car’s position, you can click the car icon. A Google map will show up (for that an internet connection is needed). On the map you will see a red balloon indicating your car’s location and a blue balloon indicating your current location (if available).

Your speed is displayed in Windows mobile today screen. (There is a little lag, will try to fix it later).
GPS is kept “hot” when connected to the car charger – meaning that you get immediate fix when launching navigation software or any other software that uses the GPS.
You can now see the time that has elapsed since you last parked.

Install FindMyCar cab file to the device memory (not to storage card).
Run FindMyCar from the programs list.

To find where you last parked your car, click on FindMyCar Today Screen item, or on FindMyCar task bar icon at the bottom of the screen. A FindMyCar window will appear. Click on the FindMyCar car icon (in the middle). Your car’s location (red balloon) and your location (blue balloon – if GPS signal is available) will appear on a Google map.
Click the ‘X’ icon to bring FindMyCar back to the background.
You may kill FindMyCar temporarily (till next device reset) by clicking “kill” in the settings window. You can remove it totally simply by uninstalling the application.

FindMyCar uses a virtual GPS port meaning that other applications can access the GPS at the same time, however there might be older navigation software that do not work in this mode. You can try to do a GPS port re-search in your navigation software or kill FindMyCar

Download the latest version from here:
(Can be downloaded directly from the device)

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