Dell Venue Pro

Dell is best known for making desktops and laptops that are reliable and affordable. However, like Apple did just a few years ago with the first iPhone, Dell is looking to make a big splash in the smartphone market. The company plans on achieving this big splash with the Dell Venue Pro. This smartphone has everything you need to work and play, as well as plenty of additional features that make it an all-around great smartphone.

Whether you are married to your career or you simply want to work as efficiently as possible so you can spend more of your time doing things that you love, the Dell Venue Pro will keep you productive regardless of where you are. It’s easy to use keyboard is perfect for typing lengthy emails. You can access this keyboard with a single slide of the phone. The Venue Pro features Office Mobile, which puts the power of Microsoft Office in your pocket. Thanks to the combination of the physical keyboard and Office Mobile, you can easily work on an important document or report while you’re stuck in a line or sitting in the back of a taxi.

Since all work and no play is no way to live, Dell’s Venue Pro has a wide variety of entertainment features. Anything you’re enjoying on this smartphone will look great thanks to its 4.1 inch touchscreen. While the physical keyboard is great for emails and documents, the onscreen keyboard is perfect for sending quick texts to your friends or Tweeting what you’re up to on a Friday night. The bright touchscreen also makes any videos that you watch through YouTube look crisp and sharp. Because you can stream YouTube videos over Wi-Fi or T-Mobile’s fast network, you won’t have to worry about waiting for hours for a video to buffer. These fast network options are also great for this smartphone’s XBox Live feature. Thanks to the fact that the Venue Pro runs on Windows Phone 7, it gives you the ability to enjoy playing on XBox Live directly from your phone. If you’re having a long day at work, this awesome feature is a great way to bring down your stress level.

In addition to giving you all the features you need to enjoy work and play, the Dell Venue Pro has plenty of other features that solidify it as a desirable smartphone. One of the features of the Windows Phone 7 OS is Live Tiles. Live Tiles not only allow you to customize your home screen, but the customizations you make will provide you with a live stream of information about the things that you care about the most. This Dell’s touchscreen is also protected by Gorilla Glass. This scratch-resistant glass ensures that your Venue Pro’s screen will look great every time that you pull it out of your pocket. And because the Venue Pro weighs less than seven ounces, you will never have a problem carrying it around in your pocket.

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