Windows Phone 7 UI – standalone for WM6.5 devices

This is a standalone .CAB app for WM6.5. You can customize it to make it look like Windows Phone 7.  Should work on all screen types (QVGA/WQVGA/VGA/WVGA), other than the square ones.

Just install the CAB file (on device) and run it from the start menu.

New features:

  1. Customizable homepage
  2. Animated picture tiles (static, by default. you’ll need to put your picture in “\programfiles\host\animation” folder and enable it in the settings. READ THE HELP FILE FIRST)
  3. Panning support for homepage and shortcuts page (READ THE HELP FILE)
  4. Finger-swipe navigation for main pages
  5. Second picture folder
  6. Support for both landscape and portraite mode (screen rotation)

Download and more info @ XDA

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