Boost performance tips for HTC HD2


HKLM/System/StorageManager/FATFS/CacheSize To: 65536
this tip enables a 32mb filesystem cache. it is unsuitable for 1.66 roms as will necessitate a hard reset.

HKLM/System/StorageManager/FATFS/EnableCache To: 1
this enables the filesystem cache (it may be set to 0 for disabled)

HKLM/System/StorageManager/Profiles/HDProfile/FATFS/EnableCacheWarm To: 1
Honestly, im not sure to the exact function of this, but it seems to make sense run smoother. Definately improves landscape album art scrolling.
ON the microsoft website its listed as a “pre-warming cache feature”. It would seem to preload commonly used data, in a similar fashion to superfetch on a PC, perhaps.
Do not set this bit on WM6.5.x ROMs, this only works on 6.5 for some odd reason

Suitable for ALL ROMs

HKLM/System/GDI/GLYPHCACHE To: 524288 (change both keys in there)
This allows for much smoother font rendering, especially when scrolling

HKLM/System/StorageManager/Filters/fsreplxfilt/ReplStoreCacheSize To: 131072
This creates a filesystem 128k sector cache filter, improves data throughput from ROM to RAM (probably) and does seem to improve indexing response and file browsing.

EDIT: file explorer just loaded my “Windows” directory in half a second with this enabled , and the screen does not tear when scrolling the list either any more

HKLM/Drivers/Display/VMMaxHeapSize To: 33554432
This changes the VideoMemory max heap from 16k to 32k

HKLM/Drivers/Display/Settings/SMI2 AllocSizeMB To: 32

HKLM/Software/HTC/HTCMenus/EnableVSync To: 0
This turns off VSync in sense, making it MUCH smoother. check out the speed of the weather animations now! see that they “judder” less!

HKLM/Software/HTC/MemoryRequired_ByAP] To: 524288
Lets allow SENSE to have some room to breath, shall we?

HKLM/Software/HTC/HTCAlbum/Require_Activate_Memory To: 20480
makes for faster image loading in album

HKLM/System/GDI/Drivers/Bpp To: 24
Now this IS interesting. I dont know if its just me, but were HTC holding out on us display wise? Changing the BitsPerPixel (colourdepth) from 16 to 24bit, for some reason, whether the display is actually capable of true colour or not, not only MAKES THE SCREEN LOOK BETTER but its also FASTER

HKLM/Software/HTC/HTCScroll/dist_to_pan to 20
HKLM/Software/HTC/HTCScrol/flickdown_threshold to 2000
HKLM/Software/HTC/HTCScrol/flickup_threshold to 2000
HKLM/Software/HTC/HTCScrol/friction to 14
HKLM/Software/HTC/HTCScrol/init_time_period to 1
HKLM/Software/HTC/HTCScrol/velocity_factor to 18000 <—Sorry, the old value of “18” was a typo!!!!!
HKLM/Software/HTC/Manila/HTCScroll.Enable tp 1

These re-enable HTC scroll mechanism (tip above is updated) and tweak it for shorter, but faster render distances. They make Sense scrolling as smooth as butter

HKLM/Software/HTC/TouchGL/FilterPixel_Range To: 30

HKLM/Software/HTC/TouchGL/FlickGestureDistance To: 10

HKLM/Software/HTC/TouchGL/GestureEnable To: 50

HKLM/Software/HTC/TouchGL/PinchDistance To: 50
These tweak HTC touch driver to change its behavoiur slightly, making gesture distanced much smaller and therefore mor sensitive, but lowering the sensitivity of the filter response, These have the effect of making gesture response much better but reducing the “wiggly screen” and “jumping” cursor to some extent.

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