Are we going to see a Microsoft tablet?

Windows 8 tablet

Windows 8 tablet


Microsoft has sent out invitations for an even of theirs on 18.06, which has, of course, managed to cause a lot of online speculations about what we’re going to see unveiled. The main reason for this is the fact, that this event is going to be held just a couple of days before another even, at which the software giant is going to reveal the next version of their mobile platform – Windows Phone 8. According to some, at the earlier event Microsoft are going to focus on Windows RT – a version of the OS, which is going to run on devices with ARM chips, and they’re going to use it as a chance to tell us more about the apps and services, which are going to be available for such devices.

Microsoft's Windows 8 tablet

Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet


Meanwhile, though, another rumors has appeared online, claiming that Microsoft is about to announce a tablet of their own, with which to directly compete with the other manufacturers on the market. The time could actually hardly be more convenient – this is pretty much the best moment to reveal such a device, just before the Google I/O conference, at which Google is also expected to announce a tablet of theirs. It’s also worth mentioning, that Microsoft recently made a deal with Barnes&Noble, around which a lot of Windows Phone cross-references were made and a device was even mentioned, bearing the name Microsoft Reader. B. A.

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