Are these the tech specs of Samsung Galaxy S3?


Along with the information about the Nexus Prime, which was posted on 4chan forums, some information about the next Galaxy S has also appeared. According to it, Samsung Galaxy S3 will have a dual-core 2 gHz processor,1.5 GB of RAM and 32 GB memory. The display should be a 4.65″ Super AMOLED+ with a 1280х1024 resolution, which sounds quite weird – that would make it almost square. According to those rumors, the device should also have a 10MP camera able to record 1080p HD video with 60 FPS. The body should be made out of metal and will be 9mm thick and the battery should be a big one – 2250 mAh. Software wise the device is supposed to run ICS with a new version of TouchWizz on top. Still these rumors are far from official and shouldn’t be taken too serious. B.A.

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