Two new products from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7


Samsung have just presented a lot of great devices at the beginning of the IFA and we’re going to the discuss the two most interesting – the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Galaxy Note. As you may have guessed the first is a tablet with a 7.7″ screen. The second one however is something in-between – a device with a 5.3″ screen which Samsung say should replace your phone,tablet and notepad (that’s where the name comes from).

Samsung Galaxy Note


Under the hood the devices share a lot of the hardware – the dual-core 1.4 gHz processor (fastest on the market) and the 1280×800 Super AMOLED HD screen (except for the size of course) and the 2MP front camera. Some of the Tab’s other specs are 16GB to 64GB of storage, 5100 mAh battery and Bluetooth 3.0 – and all of that on a device weighing 335 grams and running Android 2.3. The Note also has some other impressive features such as the 8MP camera with an LED flash, 2500 mAh battery and a pressure-sensing stylus, and all of that in a 9.65mm thick device weighing 180 grams. Software wise it’s running Android 2.3 (though it may be running Ice Cream Sandwich at launch if it comes on the market after a few months) and it’s very optimized to use with the stylus. Both of the devices are very promising and we’re hoping to see them on the market as soon as possible. B.A.

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