Angry Birds game earned $12 million this year

Angry Birds has been downloaded 12 million times from iOS devices and the price of the game is 99 cents. This has brought approximately $8 million for the creators of the game – Rovio, after deducting 30% share, which takes Apple. This game also has been downloaded 5 million times for free from the Android Market and unlike the version that is available for iOS devices, the Android version is supported by ads.

The Director of Rovio – Peter Vesterbacka says that by the end of this year (which is after about 4 weeks), predicted the company to make profits from $1 million a month on the version of Angry Birds, which is sponsored by advertising and can be downloaded for free from Android Market. And for those of you who are wondering how Google benefits from an open operating system like Android, the company in Mountain View took a share of the money generated by advertising that did generated by AdMob company (owned by Google of course). For users of Android, that don’t want to see ads while playing, the company Rovio is working on the paid version of the game, which will be ads-free.

Vesterbacka appears in the video here, which was created by AdMob and is intended for developers of mobile applications. Although it is very silent about the 12 million that they earn per year from advertising by Angry Birds, he talked about 65 million minutes that Apple iPhone users spend every day playing the game. He also discussed many ways to profit from this game by charging to download collection of ads, and even create toys that are likenesses of characters from the game – Angry Birds plush toys.

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