XBMC got a version for Android

XBMC is a very popular open-source multimedia player, which aims to be available on all kinds of platforms and devices – it even features a special interface, which is optimized for TVs and works with a remote control. The application supports playback of multimedia files of all types of formats, which could either be stored locally or found in either the local network or even the worldwide web. And now, it seems, the time has come for Andorid user to also receive XBMC. And we’re not talking about a client or an application, installed on another device, which you can control though your Android gadget – no, there’s an official app available for all of the devices running Google’s mobile platform – be it tablets, smartphones or anything else you can think of.



Of course, it would work best on a device, which has HDMI output, but this is not a requirement. We do have to warn you, however, that due to the app’s current beta-state it’s not completely optimized for said devices and some of them might experience problems – for instance most of the gadgets will have to rely solely on software acceleration and owners of smaller-screened smartphones will have a hard time, due to the poor optimization of the app, but this is all expected to change soon enough – in the final version. B. A.

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