WMRegOptimizer – optimize registry access

WMRegOptimizer is a small tool that tries to optimize registry access – “defrag” it, if you will. It doesn’t perfectly defrag it, but it goes a long way. This results in somewhat faster registry access for applications where this is the bottle-neck.

Install the attached CAB on your device, and run WMRegOptimizer from your start menu.

Before pressing Go, make sure you do the following things:
– Close all running applications
– Uncradle the device
– Put the device in airplane mode
– Be sure your battery isn’t on the low side

After the app says it’s done, close it, and soft-reset your device. The app may appear to freeze at times. Do not soft-reset or terminate the app. It will continue. The entireprocess may take up to 5 minutes.

DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION ON A STOCK ROM, YOU WILL BE SORRY. Custom ROMs usually have the right registry permissions/policies to do this, but if not, there’s a bigger chance things may go wrong!

Original author’s thread and donwnload link here.

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