Link2Cpl for WM6.5 – create shortcuts to Control Panel items

Here is a simple app  to create shortcuts to items inside the Control Panel.

On Windows Mobile 6.1 it was quite easy to create link to items such as “Remove Programs” or “Connections”, it was a matter of finding the correct command line that launch the cpl applet and use the same icon. (e.g: “#ctlpnl.exe cplmain.cpl,23?\Windows\shell.dll,13”)

On Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft has decided to use PNG for icons, which makes the job a little bit more complicate. While you can create the link in the same way, to get a picture you have to convert the PNG file into an ICO file and move it into some binary as a resource file (exe or dll). This tool allows you to create links to items inside the “Settings” keeping the original icon, so you can use them as QuickLinks.

What it does is pick the PNG associated with a particular item, converted it to ICO (64×64-8bit) and create a small executable to hold the picture. The executable also contains the command line so you can launch the specific Settings item running the exe.


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