WM6.5 custom ROM for Mio P500 and Mio P350

http://www.espymobile.com/Mitac_MIO%20P550_image.jpgDownload WM6.5 custom ROM for Mio P500 and Mio P350:
French Beta: MegaUpload
English Beta: Coming Soon


Backup your data first. Upgraded formats your device.
1. Extract the file using 7-zip or WinRAR
2. Copy the ‘winceimg.bin’ file to your SD card.
3. Put the card in your Mio.
4. Hold the down button (on the joystick) and press reset with a paperclip.
5. When the blue screen comes up, use the joystick to navigate:
If you want, choose number ‘6= LowLevelFormat’ before you upgrade. It just makes the process a little safer.
6. Choose ‘0= Image Upgrade Tools’
7. Choose ‘1= Image by SD/MMC’
8. When the process is done, press the reset button.
The fist start might take a while, but are fast after that.

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