Windows Phone 8 will be released in November, according to rumors

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Although they told us to expect the first products with their new mobile platform – Windows Phone 8, to be introduced at some point this fall, Microsoft never gave us any specific details about the release date. The only thing we knew thus far, was that Windows 8 would come out on 26.10, which led us to believe, that the smartphone version of the OS would also be released around this date. Well now we finally have some (unofficial) information – according to the latest rumors, Windows Phone 8 is going to be available for the phone manufacturers in aх RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version by September and the first devices to run it are going to hit the market in November.

If these rumors turn out true, it would mean, that Microsoft really aren’t going to release the two versions of their platform at the same time, which is quite odd. Still, we’re at least expecting Nokia to be the first manufacturer to introduce their Windows Phone 8 devices, given their special statute as Microsoft’s close partner. Meanwhile Steven Elop has stated in a recent interview for the NYTimes, that the first Finnish smartphone with WP8 are going to come out in October. B. A.

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