Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23041

A new Build 23041 of Windows Mobile 6.5 is out, courtesy PhamQuang of This new leaked build was compiled on 30th August 2009 and brings some minor changes which are illustrated with screenshots below:

Changes in Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23041:

  • The buttons on the bottom bar are now more ovalish than the roundish buttons which were found in previous builds (23036 & 23037) of Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • Hardware buttons for volume and camera are now working.
  • The status bar on the top has iPhone-like slide effect now. You will now have to slide it to get into the magnified status bar.
  • More speedy and responsive.
  • Numerous other bug fixes.

Screenshots from Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23041 are as follows: (Credits: TAEL of XDA-Developers & PhamQuang of

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