SpoofApp is coming soon to Windows Mobile

  • Caller ID Spoofing

    SpoofApp’s Caller ID Spoofing allows you to change what the person your calling sees on the Caller ID display. With SpoofApp your privacy is protected, and you can be anyone you want to. SpoofApp is the #1 way to protect your privacy on the phone.

  • Realtime Voice Changer

    With the press of a button SpoofApp’s free voice changer can change your voice to sound like a man or a woman. No one will ever know who’s really calling! Hours of fun conversations and prank calls are the result of our realtime voice changer.

  • Record & Playback Calls

    The ultimate way to record all your business and personal calls with no extra software or equipment ever needed. Save your calls to your computer, play them back instantly or share them via email, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter in a matter of seconds.


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