Windows Live for Mobiles new updates

Microsoft has released an updated to their Live for Mobile service. First rolled out on the desktop, the service on the mobile phone ties together Microsoft’s disparate Live services such as Live Mail and their photo service. There is also, consistent with the age, a social element, with friend activity also featuring prominently on the home page.

The following services are or will be available shortly

Text messaging
Access Windows Live via SMS. Get mobile alerts and more. A planned feature will be the ability to send SMS commands (update personal message, add people to your network, check calendar etc.) to Windows Live and Windows Live will send you a text message with the result! To get started, sign in and add your mobile.

Home –
The center of the live service, from where you can read status reports, update your personal message and access the other Live services

Hotmail –
No explanation needed.

People –
Your Windows Live Contact list. You can search for a specific contact and call him/her, if he/she has that set up, by clicking on the Call link.

Photos –
Save, share and view Photos from your mobile device. You can view your own and your friend’s pictures (and comments on them) on your mobile and…
You can up also upload your pictures straight to Photos (skydrive) and share them with the people you wish to share them with.

Messenger –
Chat with your friends from your phone.

Search –
Windows Live Search to find what you need on the go.

MSN Mobile –
News, sports, weather and more.

Spaces –
Express yourself on your space right from your phone by using blogs, photos, customization and lists.

Profile –
Manage your network on the go.

The service is certainly nice, but the integration is far from perfect, with many of the services lacking links back to the Live Home page for example. The service also lacks the visual flair as seem on iPhone and even the Facebook web apps. This by itself will make the Live Mobile services only an adjunct to desktop Live users, rather than a destination in and off itself.

To see the service for yourself visit

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