White and more accurate battery indicator for Windows Mobile

In Windows Mobile 5 since AKU 2.0 and Windows Mobile 6 (Professional/Classic) the battery icon (or the clock) in the title bar on the today screen can be replaced. The default battery shows five different states and was sometimes colored green by some operators. This versions will show ten different charge levels and come in two styles: bars and solid.

The wm65*.cab files are for Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional/Classic only. They do not work on earlier versions or WM Standard. Get them from this post: WM6.5 VGA & WM6 VGA Icons

Also there is and a QVGA version:

You have to decide which style you like more (bars or solid) and pick the file that fits the resolution of your device (QVGA 240×320 or VGA 480×640). All CABs work on WM6 but do not install the wm6*.cab files on WM5!
You need to do asoft-reset after installation.


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