Watch YouTube videos on Pocket PC

youyube pocket pc pda How to watch YouTube videos with and TCPMP + Flash Plugin. In order to use YouTube Pocket you will first need to install The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP). If you already have zbop’s FlashVideoBundle installed youcan skip to step 3, if not select your version of player below.

If you have a touchscreen device (Windows Mobile Pro) please download this player:
Pocket PC/WM Pro Player

If you have a non-touchscreen device (Smartphone) please download this player:
Smartphone Player

2. Installing the Plugins
Next you must install the Flash plugins for TCPMP. Make sure you install the plugin in the same place as the player (Device or Storage Card).
TCPMP FLV Plugin (PDA & Smartphone)

3. Setting the proper Protocols
Whew, the hard part is now over, lets get to the setting up! First open TCPMP and press ‘Options -> Settings’. From the screen that brings you to press ‘Select Page -> File Associations’. On the bottom of this page you will see both ‘Flash Video’ and ‘MMS Protocol’, make sure both of them are checked. If you don’t see both of these settings, you may need a soft reset. Once they are both checked, keep the settings open and move onto step 4.

4. Setting the Buffering
The buffering could make or break your YouTube Pocket experiance, so let’s make sure you set it properly. While still in the settings page click ‘Select Page -> Buffering’. here you will see some buffering options, you want them to be as listed below:

Normal buffer size: 1148KB
Preload at underrun: 5%
Preload for audio: 64KB

The buffering settings above should work for most users. If you still experiance lag with these settings you may want to try to kick the ‘Normal buffer size’ down to 800KB and see if anything gets better.It may take a little work to get the right settings, but once you do, you’ll be glad you took the time.

5. Auto-Play (Optional)
If you are anything like me you’ll probably want your video to play automatically after you click it, if that’s the case, this is for you! While still in your settings screen press ‘Select page -> Player’. Here you will see options for both ‘Play at open’ and ‘Play at open in fullscreen’. Check the box next to the one you are interested and you are all set.

6. Removing Lag
Click ‘Select Page -> Advanced’ and set ‘Manual A/V offset +/-‘ to ‘-400’. This should get rid of any lip-sync effect.

7. Enjoy YouTube Pocket
Ummm… if you need an explanation for this step you may not be ready for the Incredible Edible Internet. O.o

If you are having problems after all of this please make sure to read the FAQs!


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