TouchResponse – vibrate on touch

This program is a touch driver to handle the touchscreen presses and vibration. A settings program exists to configure how the vibration works. Since this is a touch driver, there is no program you need to run to start it.

It has been tested on an HTC Touch and HTC Touch Pro for several days with several stability issues corrected.


  • Global enable/disable option
  • Vibrate on touch/release
  • Variable duration of vibrate
  • Disable during Phone Call option
  • Disable when phone is on silent
  • Disable when stylus is out (for devices that support this option)
  • Enabled for On-Screen Keyboard only (Temporary option until full include/exclude list is incorporated)
  • Settings Program->Settings->System->TouchResponse Settings

Coming Soon

  • Include/Exclude list for vibration
  • Option to disable vibration when device is locked
  • Different vibration patterns
  • Resolve any software conflicts
  • Vibration tweaks
  • AppToDate Support
  • Sound on touch
  • Vibrate on hardware button press
  • Multi-language support in Settings program
  • I’m open to suggestions…

Known Issues

  • May or may not play well with touchflo/ftouchsl. If TouchResponse isn’t working for you, try disabling those if they are enabled.



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