TouchCalc – RaspBerry Pi Powered Calculator for FireFox OS

TouchCalc - RaspBerry Pi Powered Calculator for FireFox OS
TouchCalc for FireFox OS

Computers are made to calculate and graph – be it for science or for
everyday tasks. Effective immediately, Tamoggemon TouchCalc is available
to users of Mozilla’s smartphone operating system.

Easy to use:
Simplicity is a core priority in the development of TouchCalc. The
product is targeted at both scientific and casual users, the GUI design
hides unneeded features from view automatically. TouchCalc is one of the
few full-featured calculators which can also be used for casual
computation: figuring how much half a kilogram of apples costs, or how
much taxes are due.

Advanced functions:
TouchCalc sees itself as a full-featured scientific calculator. It
supports a wide variety of trigonometric and numeric functions. If
needed, functions can be graphed on the fly.
New functions for finance mathematics and biochemistry will be added via
updates, which are scheduled to be released regularily.

RaspBerry Pi as backend solution:
Firefox OS lacks the ability to run native code. As the Pirna engine is
written in C++, a different solution was found. Handsets are equipped
with a lightweight client, which connects itself to a backend which
performs the actual computations.

During the testing of the product, the cluster of RaspBerry Pis turned
out to be extremely reliable. Their performance was hampered by router
failures – the single board computers outlived routers from various
brand manufacturers.

The low price and minimal power demands of the planar permit them to be
deployed in datacenters, offices and even the homes of employees. Due to
this, high reliability can be achieved with minimal cost: should one of
the routers fail, another planar is ready and waiting to take up the

Available now, for free!

Owners of FireFox OS handsets can download the product by searching
“TouchCalc” in the on-device app store. Alternatively, further
information on the product can be obtained by visiting

Versions for Windows Phone and Palm webOS are currently undergoing QA
and will be made available in the next two weeks. In 2013, a release for
Android and BB10 will also take place – these versions will not use the
backend, but will instead perform their computations locally.

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