The Nook eBook reader – a cheap and good eBook reader

The Nook is surely one of the best options you have on the eBook readers market. It sells for a low price of below 300 $ and it has a lot of great functions and capabilities you will enjoy using. In this article you will find more about this great gadget in order to form an objective opinion whether it is worth buying or not.

The Nook has a good storage capacity of close to 2000 eBooks and besides this you can increase it by adding a Micro SD card. The Nook eBook reader is similar to the Kindle 2 but there are a few aspects that differ too.

The library of the Nook is better than the one of Kindle 2 while the screen are using just about the same technology. As the most of the eBook readers the technology used for the Nook allows is to be even less tiring for the human eye than reading a regular book.

The bookstore is comprehensive and the ePub is the place where you can purchase or even lend eBooks to your friends. One of the best advantages that the Nook has over its competition is that it benefits from a lot of retailers all over the country and numerous retail advisors. Besides this, the Nook website is one of the most popular on the Internet today.

The Barnes and Noble company is counting on the Nook eBook reader’s advertising for coming over the top of the market. It is not as easy as it sounds because the competition is very serious on the eBook reader market with Sony or Kindle on their way to the top. Besides this, the Apple iPad is another challenger for the top of the list as it has a lot of other functions than the other eBook readers do not.

The Nook has a good advantage in the price you can get one. This is because if you compare it to an iPad for example, you will notice that there are several hundred dollars between them. On the other hand, the iPad has many other functions you will surely enjoy as well.

In conclusion, the Nook eBook reader is a serious choice for one of the best eBook readers on the market. You should take into consideration the fact that the price for one is pretty low and the technology used for creating it is similar to other eBook readers. The library and the advertising are probably the most important points of interest for the Nook buyers.


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