Microsoft working on a universal stylus

Microsoft stylus

Microsoft stylus


Even before the death of Steve Jobs, Apple were convinced, that the stylus as a tool for working with touchscreens aren’t necessary, Other companies, though, seem to think otherwise and Microsoft is one of them – according to recent rumors, the software giant is currently working on a stylus, that is going to be able to work with all of the modern touchscreens and even some non-touch displays. The way their revolutionary device is going to work is, it’s going to take pictures of a part of the screen (with a size of  512 х 512 pixels) and with the help of these images, it’s going to determine where exactly  on the screen it’s located.

To be more specific, the camera is actually going to determine which pixels are focused and which aren’t and it’s going to then send this information to a special software, which is going to process it and tell the device whether or not the stylus is on the display and if it is – where exactly and what angle it’s under. Actually, to be exact, this idea isn’t really new, but the way Microsoft is implementing it – by placing the camera in the stylus is and it’s certainly impressive. Sadly, though, it won’t allow for a pressure sensor. B. A.

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