The new Motorola Pro+

Just a few days after announcing the Defy+ with the better and faster processor, Motorola has said they’re updating another one of their devices. We’re talking about the Pro, an Android smartphone that was released in the beginning of this year. It’s newer version is going to be called the Motorola Pro+ and even though it’s the same under the hood (1 gHz processor combined with 512 MBs of RAM) it has got quite a few improvements. For one the screen resolution is now 640×480 (Pro’s was 320×480), the battery has gone from 1420 mAh to 1600 mAh, it’s got a few more gigabytes of memory and to top it all up – it’s running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Sales in Europe are going to begin this October. B.A.

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