Two new tablets from Sony


Information about the Sony S1 and S2 tablets has been leaking for more than a month now and finally Sony have decided to present them officially at the IFA. The Tablet S and the Tablet P (as they’re officially called) share the same processor [ Nvidia Tegra 2], cameras [5MP rear and VGA front] and software version [Android Honeycomb]. The two major differences are the design and the screen size – the Tablet S has a 9.4″ screen [1280×800 resolution] and a fresh, comfortable in the hand design, whereas the Tablet P relies on two separate 5.5″ screens [1024×480 resolution] which you can use as one big screen or use the one as a main screen and the other for whatever you need at the moment – for instance a keyboard. This way the tablet turns into a little netbook. The Tablet S is going to be released for sale by the end of September for $599 and pricing or availability are still unclear for the Tablet P. B.A.

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