The BLU Vivo 4.3

BLU Vivo 4.3

BLU Vivo 4.3


BLU Products is a company, which describes itself as the “fastest developing smartphone manufacturer in the world” – certainly a big claim, but is it actually true? Even if it it, was sure hadn’t heard of it up until now – actually not really a surprise, as the company has also said, that it’s the leader on the South American market. There are however some very interesting devices in its portfolio, such as the BLU Vivo 4.3 – the first dual-SIM smartphone, which has a Super AMOLED Plus display.

As its name suggests, it does have a 4.3″ display, but that’s not its only enticing feature – the dual-core Cortex A9 processor (MediaTek MT6577, to be exact) is certainly also worth the look and combined with an 8MP camera and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, these feature make for one appealing device. Sadly, the device is most likely not going to come in Europe – so far, sales have only been planned for the USA, South America and Asia, with prices starting at just $250 in the States, where it’s going to become available in September. B. A.

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