HTC Proto – the successor of the One V

HTC Proto - the successor of the One V

HTC Proto – the successor of the One V

Fall is a very important season for most smartphone manufacturers – after all this is when they’re going to release the phones, which are going to determine how they’re going to do in the second half of the year and more importantly – how they’re going to do during the holiday season, when most people are going to be looking for a new device to replace their old one. Of course, this also concerns HTC, as one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers, which is why they’re currently working on a new device to be the successor of the One V – the HTC Proto is going to be the company’s mid-end smartphone for the winter season.

Its specifications are actually quite impressive for a “budget device” – they include a 4″ WVGA display, 5MP camera and a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor (a MSM8225, to be exact). Sadly, the phone does have some weak point – the 512MB of RAM memory being the main one, but it tries to compensate with a sleek good-looking design with its thickness of just 9,6mm. So far this is the only information we have on the HTC Proto – sadly, it doesn’t include a release date, but it’s all but sure to arrive this Fall. Of course, we’re also going to expect some interesting smartphones running Windows Phone 8 from the Taiwanese manufacturer, so stay tuned for more information. B. A.

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