SleepSense app for Windows Mobile (Monitor Sleep Cycle, G-Sensor, Alarm, Clock)

SleepSense detects your movements during the night by using your phone’s accelerometer. It keeps track of all the different phases of your sleep and attempts to wake you during a light sleep phase.

SleepSense uses an adjustable time window (e.g. 30 minutes) before the set alarm time and wake you at the optimal moment. You will feel rested and ready to start the day.

– Monitors your sleep cycle
– Wakes you up gently
– Alarm clock
– Multiple Alarms
– Choose Sounds
– Choose Pictures
– Run once
– Repeated Alarm
– View your Sleep cycle
– Multiple charts
– Sleeptimer closes your player
– Simple or Advanced mode
– Integrates with the windows Alarm
– Snooze alarm by shaking
– Snooze alarm by turning around
– Multiple Themes
– Multiple Languages

Touch, G-Sensor


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