Samsung i200 – Cheap Smartphone

Most Windows Mobile smartphones tend to be on the expensive side. This however does not always have to be the case. Samsung has released the i200 Windows Mobile Standard smartphone some months ago, aimed directly at the low-end of the market with the tag line “My Very First Smartphone“. The device has always been very affordable, and now dropped to an even lower price.

For no more than £190 (215 Euro) you can get yourself a HSDPA device with a 2.3 inch QVGA screen, a 2MP camera and Windows Mobile Standard. Unfortunately, the specifications does not include Wi-Fi support, and the 3G is only on the european 2100 Mhz band, but that is the only thing issues holding this device back from a solid recommendation.

Still, the price is great for what i200 has to offer and surely beats many dumb phones or Symbian powered devices in the same price range.

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