Samsung Galaxy S vs. HTC Wildfire

The Galaxy S was originally announced at the same time as the Samsung Wave but with Samsung focusing on their new Bada operating system, the Android running Galaxy S was surprisingly pushed to one side. Well, it’s now launch time for the Galaxy S and WOW. What a handset. Until now the best phone out there was the HTC Desire with iPhone 4 waiting to knock it off the top spot. That’s all going to change now and it’s definitely a three horse race.

The Galaxy S matches both the iPhone 4 and Desire in specs, beating them on a couple of points. It runs Android 2.1 – currently the best alternative to iPhone that there is, and it sports a superb Super AMOLED display. Samsung have customised the Android interface on the Galaxy S to bring it in line with the appearance of the rest of the handset range, and they’ve done a great job. There’s no duplication of apps like there is with the HTC Sense UI that’s found on the Desire.

If you don’t want to wait in line on Thursday for an iPhone, or simply want a phone that’s just as good for a lot less money, then the Galaxy S should be your only choice.

The HTC Wildfire is a junior version of the HTC Desire. It has the same slim, stylish look to it and a much lower price tag. In order to make a more affordable version of the Desire, some of the specs have been turned down a little. The screen resolution is a reduced, as is the processor speed and internal memory.

The HTC Sense UI has had a bit of a make over on the Wildfire and there are a number of new features, most of which are based around social networking. A couple of stand out ones are that Caller ID is now integrated with Facebook, so when someone calls you, as well as seeing their photo and phone number, you’ll also see their Facebook Status. You’re also able to see the latest posts and updates from facebook, twitter and flickr all in one place and on the same screen. No more switching between apps to check what’s going on.

The Wildfire still boasts a 5 MP camera with smile detection, capacitive touch screen, GPS and it runs the Android 2.1 operating ssytem. It’s quite a bit smaller and lighter than the Desire too, so if you’re new to touchscreen phones and don’t want something too big and bulky, this is a great choice.

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