Neko 1.3b build 62210 for Windows Mobile 6.5 and 6.5.x only

So! what does Neko do?
– Neko can chase your finger
– And while Neko is not doing anything, Neko does different things
– Run in different direction
– Yawn
– Scratch
– Sleep
– Lick

What you can do with Neko?
Icon designs are now exposed and that means you can now create and change how Neko look. You can probably make a Dog version, or sheep, or whatever you want or something the runs.

Icon Editor
You can use either Corel or Adobe Photoshop and import those PNG or PSD to ArtIcons Pro or try IcoFx

and keep in mind that Neko needs 32 Icons and must be named “Icon_1.ico” – “Icon_32.ico”
check “%installpath%\nekoimages\Default” folder

Deploying your custom theme – 1.2b
Neko is now theme-able. If you have created your own Neko look, then put them in a folder and name it whatever you want and save it in “%installpath%\nekoimages”.

Setting up Neko – 1.2b
Well, you have to tap on Neko to bring Settings Window up.



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