S2U2 gets update to v2.10

S2U2 is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don’t use your device. It has CallerID function (but it may not work on some devices, so try it before use it daily); S2P control plugin; and volume control. It can show many system information even without unlocking and highly customizable.

Changes of v2.10:

– further enhanced S2U2 Settings to edit the Exceptional EXEs list; change the run application after unlock;
and change “Language” (must download the language pack & copy it to S2U2’s installed folder first).
– added to show Caller/Sender pics on the missed call/message pop-up.
– added to show account name on the email pop-up.
– added option to show “Active” or “Due Today” task. (S2U2 Settings -> Information -> Task Count)
– added option to set the “Top Curtain” floats. (S2U2 Settings -> Appearance -> Top Curtain)
– added a new set of graphic files for showing the full-screen battery – battery0.png, battery10.png… battery100.png.
download the S2U2BatteryPack-QVGA.zip or S2U2BatteryPack-VGA.zip & refer to the BatteryReadme.txt inside for details.
– added option to show “Full Screen Battery on top of wallpaper”.
– added Mouse lock for Omnia.
– added option to show S2P current album pic or not.
– re-added option GDI to “Display Mode” with faster performance.
– moved the option “Lock when Screen is Blank” to Power section to cater on battery and external power situations.
– extended the limit of “Boot up Delay” to 60s.
– fixed the corrupted screen on Touch Pro 2 when the orientation is changed, change the “Display Mode” to GDI.
– fixed the mis-shown of Bluetooth icon on Touch Pro 2.
– improved compatibility with WM6.5 devices, especially the CallerID.
– a few minor bugs fixed.

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– WM5 Phone or WM6/6.1/6.5 Professional devices
– free RAM: at least 1M for QVGA/WQVGA; 4M for VGA/WVGA


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