xpPhone – first Windows XP powered phone


Able to run the Windows XP operating system Do you hope your mobile phone supports all kinds of software just like a laptop computer?
With xpPhone, you can do it!
With the patented technology of Free Core Series, xpPhone can run the Windows XP operating system. You can install every kind of software you want on this global biggest application software platform, so as to facilitate your work, life, entertainment and study etc, and save your trouble to carry a laptop computer weighing over 1 kg!

  • Support the global three major 3G standards
  • Support MSN/Skype/QQ free video calls
  • Support various stock/futures/foreign exchange software
  • Support numerous external devices
  • Support GPS real-time traffic
  • Support more than 500 kinds of video/audio formats
  • Support all internet banking and third-party payment platforms, such as Alipay
  • Support direct access to Outlook address book (synchronization free)


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