Pirateville 2 from Nevosoft now available for Android on Google Play

Pirateville 2
Pirateville 2

Nevosoft is a leading casual game publisher and developer in Russia and Eastern Europe, announced the release of Pirateville 2. The second part of the gripping Pirateville series is a new adventure full of danger and risk. Now, the desperate pirate Sharpshooter Jack will encounter the undiscovered secrets of the cursed island with its lost treasure and jewels.


Pirateville 2
Pirateville 2

What does every dashing pirate dream of? Probably of captaining a ship and finding an island overflowing with treasure. But where can Jack assemble a band of fearless scoundrels? What do the ancient spirits’ predictions mean? And how can he get his hands on the ghost’s seemingly limitless treasure? In order to achieve this, he’ll need to take big risks and for the sake of his honor and true love.

Key features:
– A gripping adventure in 18 chapters
– Search for objects in the pirates’ den, the fortune-teller’s home, and on the cursed island
– New characters and unpredictable plot twists
– An unexpected ending

Google Play link: http://bit.ly/GPPV2Review

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