NXP Semiconductors promise speakers with up to 5 times the power of today’s

HTC One X speaker


A new technology, developed by the company NXP Semiconductors, is ready to give us micro speakers with power up to 5 times greater than that of today’s speakers, which are used in our phones and many other mobile devices. To be precise, we’re talking about a power output of 2,6W – quite a lot compared to the analogues of today, which have to make due with just 0,5W. This has been achieved with the help of a technology, which was until recently used primarily in hearing aids, which relies on adding a special amplifier, which enables micro speakers to not only sound louder, but also genuinely better, thanks to the much richer-sounding lower frequencies. Another interesting thing about these speakers is the fact, that they adapt to the environment and even alter their temperature accordingly in real time – after all, temperature is a big factor for sound quality. B. A.

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