[Official] [Video] Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be released this October/November

Dreamforce conference was held this week in San Francisco and one of the guests was Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google. At the event (30:25 in the video) Schmidt announced that the next version of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich, is going to debut this year, October or November to be exact. This confirms most of the rumors about the release date of the update. We remind you that Ice Cream Sandwich will probably be number 4.0 and will be the first version of the platform that will be purposely – built to use with both phones and tablets, which should greatly decrease the fragmentation in Android.

At the end of October (19-21) there will be a conference (AsiaD) at which Andy Rubin will have a speech, so it would be a good time to reveal Ice Cream Sandwich. B.A.


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