Nexus One Android 2.2 custom ROM

If you’re tried of waiting for the official Android 2.2 (Froyo) to come one for your Nexus One or want a ROM that has a lot of CyanogenMod-like features, you might want to give the eViL n-One-sh0t ROM a try.  This ROM cooks a lot of goodies into it and I was able to flash it right over the top of the latest CyanogenMod ROM (cm-5.0.8-N1-test5) without wiping. If you want speed, this may very well be the ROM for you. In it you’ll find BFS (the Brain F*** Scheduler), memory hacks, optimized .APK’s, Swype IME, Chrome to Phone, built-in ad-blocking, and a handful of other tweaks and optimizations to speed up the phone.

  • Optimized APK’s
  • Semi-Themed – Kanged but color modded from Manup456 (thanks, bro)
  • Custom kernel (BFS) – compiled using IR’s source (2.6.34) – “Static” voltage from Pershoot & stock values. 925-1275 (oc available – up to 1113ghz using SetCPU – buy it)
  • root, busybox, sqlite, openvpn
  • Acer analog clock & Vatch widget
  • HTC IME modded by jonasl
  • Swype keyboard included
  • In-app wifi
  • Chrome to phone
  • Titanium backup
  • ADW Launcher – thanks Anderweb – keep up the awesome work
  • Stock apps: Google Maps, Amazon Mp3, Goggles & Twitter
  • Built-in Ad-blocking
  • A few extra sound files for notifications
  • Removed stock Android keyboard (download below, flash via recovery)


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