New Rumors About the Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy SIII
Samsung Galaxy SIII


New information has appeared online about the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and this time there’s also a picture of the device along with it. According to those rumors, the device is going to have a 4.7″ Super AMOLED Plus HD (these long names are getting ridiculous) display and a 12MP camera, capable of recording 1080p HD video at 60 fps. This task is going to be accomplished with the help of a powerful quad-core processor, clocked at 1.5 gHz – just like most other rumors say. The rest of the specifications include 1GB of RAM, dual-carriage HSPA support, NFC chip and a 1750 mAh battery, which frankly doesn’t sound like enough. The design of the device is going to remain similar to the previous Galaxy S devices and is expected to be even thinner – just 8mm. The debut of the device was expected to be held this May, but according to a Samsung employee, it’s possible for the Samsung Galaxy SIII to be unveiled a whole month earlier. B. A.

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