HTC ROMs gets protection?

Conflipper, who has posted a number of ROMs from HTC devices, recently got a cease and desist notice from the company’s lawyers to remove the ROMs posted on his website, Shipped ROMs. While the company has been somewhat laxed in enforcing ROM modifications and ROM hacks, especially in cases with cooked ROMs, HTC is now taking a more pro-active approach in enforcing its intellectual property rights:

We have very strong reasons to believe that the HTC Intellectual Property was illegally obtained by fraudulent means. The subject dissemination and publication of HTC¡¦s Intellectual Property is in clear violation of HTC¡¦s legal rights and is an infringement of the HTC¡¦s copyrights, goodwill, as well as the other intellectual rights. The continuing distribution of HTC¡¦s Intellectual Property without authorization has constituted a serious criminal offence under the Copyright Act in the U.S. and the EU and other countries where similar laws are enforced.

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