MMS Issues in Windows Phone 7.x – Unable to Get Media Content

Nokia Network Setup application
Nokia Network Setup application


Do you have problems with the MMS content on your Windows Phone 7.x device? I guess you have, the main problem is whenever you received a text message with media content (MMS) – there’s a “Get Media Content” message and you need to click on it, anyway it doesn’t do anything after that (not downloading the actual message).

This is a common issue with the Nokia Lumia phones and the solution might not work for you:

All you need to do is download and install the Nokia Network Setup application, run it and let it find and setup your network settings automatically – that’s it! Now you should be able to download and view the media content inside the MMS message.


You need to have the cellular data connection turned “On” – you cannot get the picture/video messages over Wi-Fi,  so go to Settings > Cellular > Data Connection and make sure it’s turned “On”.


Download Nokia Network Setup app


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