Memento giving Windows Phone users photographic filters

If Microsoft’s mobile platform has one interesting advantage over its competitors, it has to be the design of the applications – some of them have a simply amazing UI, which is very different from everything you would expect to see on the other platforms and Memento is a good example of such an application. It’s actually a program, with the help of which you can easily put a filter over a shot, which you have just taken or one, which you have just chosen from your gallery and instantly share it in some social network – much like Instagram, though more simplified, due to the fact, that you don’t actually need an account in order to use the application.

Memento for Windows Phone

Memento for Windows Phone


So far Memento for Windows Phone only supports sharing on Facebook, as well as directly reading the comments, but the authors have promised to add support for other social services as well. There are also two versions of the application – a free and a paid one, the first one providing you with 5 different filters and the latter giving you access to 9 filters with one additional filter being added each month. B. A.

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