LG Optimus LTE2 comes with 2GB of RAM

LG Optimus LTE2
LG Optimus LTE2


LG just announced its new smartphone –  the Optimus LTE2, which will debut this month, but first will be available only in South Korean. The device is of the highest class and is the first smartphone ever that comes with 2GB of RAM, which ensures that there will be no lags even with a very heavy usage and multitasking.

LG has not revealed the full specifications of Optimus LTE2 yet, but we know that there is a True HD display, a powerful battery with capacity of 2150 mAh, LTE support and the ability to wirelessly recharge the phone (just like the Samsung Galaxy S III). We don’t know anything about what CPU will be used in LTE2, but the existence of LTE suggests that it may be powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chips.

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