Keycase Pro Folio for iPad 2 – review

I’d say the main selling point of the Keycase Pro Folio is that it has hard keys on the keyboard instead of the usual silicone ones so its a great rival to the Zagg.


Whats makes this one of the best iPad 2 accessories available is that unlike other bluetooth keyboards which use silicone keys, the Keycase Pro Folio has hard keys, making it more professional and durable. The hard keys not only make the keyboard easier to use, but they prevent it from being damaged and allow you to access a number of the iPad 2‘s features from the keyboard.


In order to make the keyboard quick and easy to use it has active pairing, meaning once it’s initially set up with the iPad 2, the keyboard will automatically connect to your iPad 2 every time both have their Bluetooth switched on.

Another great  feature which has been upgrade is the material of the folio, which is now tough, tear proof material with iternal padding to provide extra protection without taking away the original style.  The folio itself is thinner than it’s predecessor and features a unique honeycomb pattern, making it both fashionable and professional.


A further upgrade to the Keycase Pro, comes from an integrated velcro multi-view desk stand, which allows you to poition your iPad 2 at any angle.  This makes typing and surfing on the internet easier and more comfortable.  When the case is closed, the velcro strips transforms to provide extra protection for the iPad 2’s screen, even though using an iPad 2 screen protector with the Keycase Pro Folio is advised for ultimate protection.

As the Keycase Pro Folio is built especially for the iPad 2, it contains all the relevant cut-outs including ones for both the front and rear cameras; as well as charging ports and buttons.  However, the case does also have a built-in charging port for the keyboard meaning you can charge it whilst you’re using it and stay working for longer, with the status LED indicators.

You can buy it from MobileFunclick here.

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