iPhoneToday v1.5.1 for Windows Mobile

  1. Using registry notifications instead of polling for updating notifications (bubbles, date, time, etc.). Notifications (and reloadIcon) should now appear immediately. Battery foot print should also be smaller.
  2. Icon, text, circles, offset sizes, etc. are scaled automatically if the application is launched in a different resolution than the one in settings.xml (LastConfiguredAt).
  3. Bubbles are alpha blended.
  4. Position, size, text, etc. of bubbles are configurable.
  5. Added background image support for static bars (bottom bar and top bar). Gradient background can now be used even when a wallpaper is set. The background (gradient or image) of static bars can be alpha blended to the wallpaper.
  6. ShrinkToFit option of static bars now shrinks the text height in addition to the icon width.
  7. Added font settings dialog.
  8. Renamed “GPRS State” icon to “Cell Network State”.
  9. Added “Missed Calls & Signal Strength & Operator Name” icon.
  10. Added “Unplayed Voice Mails” icon.
  11. Added “Irda State” icon.
  12. Added “Phone Profile” icon.
  13. No sound or vibration on launch if current profile is silent.
  14. When battery is charging a dot is shown before the battery percentage to indicate charging.
  15. If operator name is empty show NA for signal.
  16. Changed the field “type” in the icon settings dialog from dropdown to droplist.
  17. Fonts in the fonts subdirectory are automatically added/removed.
  18. Load strExec and strParameters (in addition to nScreen, nIcon, strName, and strImage) from HKLM\Software\iPhoneToday\Icon…\ when HKLM\Software\iPhoneToday\reloadIcon is set.
  19. Added a separate text quality option for text inside icons.
  20. Added new pressed icons.
  21. Added minimize OnLaunchIcon option (you have to manually edit settings.xml).
  22. Added UpdateWhenInactive option (you have to manually edit settings.xml) to always update notifications even when window is inactive. The default value is 0 to save battery.


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