Google has bought Sparrow




Google has just acquired Sparrow – one of the most popular e-mail applications for iOS and Mac. This was actually made official by Sparrow first – the company posted the news on the website along with some information about the deal – it seems, that the team is going to join Google’s Gmail division.

According to 9to5Mac, from now on Sparrow will stop releasing new version of their applications, because they’re going to be too busy working on other Google projects and simply won’t have the time, but there are some good news for their current users as well – the latest version of the application is going to remain available for everyone, so they’re still going to be able to use it.

Google have yet to comment on the deal itself and also, of course, the company’s future. It should be pointed out, though, that Sparrow was a really popular application among the iOS users – a lot of people actually preferred using it to the standard email application in iOS. B. A.

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