iPad 2 – the best tablet

Thinner, lighter and full of wonderful ideas – the new iPad 2 tablet is 33% thinner and 15% lighter, so you will feel more comfortable when you hold it in your hands. It makes surfing the Internet, work with e-mail, watching movies and reading books so much more enjoyable, convenient and easy.


A5 dual-core processor, which is twice faster than the CPU used in the first iPad. You’ll notice the difference when you surf, make video calls, watch movies, especially when playing. Working with several applications simultaneously is not a problem for the tablet, they load faster and everything works better.

The tablet has a fast graphics accelerator. This might please most gamers. With the increase to 9 times the graphics capabilities, gaming will be more smooth and realistic. The new video chip also helps to improve and effectively implement the applications. You will experience this when viewing pictures, processing video with iMovie application or view animations with Keynote.


Even with its lightweight and slim design, iPad 2 has the same great battery, capable for 10 hours which is enough for one trip, excursion, stroll in the city or anywhere you want. Energy efficiency of the A5 chip and iOS (operating system) helps the battery last long enough.

iPad 2 has two cameras – one front and one rear. At first glance seem quite tiny, but definitely should not underestimate them. FaceTime supported video calls that can operate simultaneously. In front camera you can see face to face with the guy to talk to. By switching to rear camera, he can see where you are with who you are or what’s going on around you.

iPad 2 and iPad Smart Cover is tailor-made for each other. Smart Cover is a new multifunctional “case” that attaches perfectly by small magnets to the tablet. It’s really quite interesting accessory in addition to protecting from scratching and staining can keep it straight, it raises one side, thus easy and you can watch movie, surf the Internet or play games without need to keep it upright or lifting at one end. The interesting thing here is that when you “peel off” from the screen, the iPad automatically “wakes up” and vice versa. 10 colors will be available for this accessory.

iPad 2 has a large and detailed, Multi-Touch display – 9.7-inch with high resolution. LED backlighting makes the image very clear, bright and sunny. Use your fingers to do everything – so is easy and fun:). In practice there is no right way, holding up to show it both in portrait format and in widescreen. Thanks to technology, the viewing angle is very large. Thus the displayed calm will be visible to someone sitting next to you.

iOS 4 is the latest operating system for iPad 2 (and for iPhone and iPod Touch). It lets you browse, read and see everything just by touching the display. iOS 4 includes all the powerful, innovative and integrated applications that use daily. Especially for this platform have been created over 65 000 applications. The operating system is very secure and stable. iOS 4 may be the reason for that, so far none of these devices do not “catch up” iPad.

By pressing the home button, iPad 2 wakes up immediately. This is because it has a rapid, efficient and reliable flash memory that allows data access as quickly as possible.

Each iPad is built with 802.11 n wireless technology. It automatically finds the available WiFi networks to which you can connect very easily. Models with 3G will allow you to have internet and in places without WiFi, such as mountains or on the road.

Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, you can rotate your iPad as the screen image is converted from portrait to wide screen, whatever you watch, read, etc. Any movement of the iPad 2 is unmistakably felt the accelerometer, three-axis gyro and built-in compass that work together.

All great stuff iPad – videos, photos, music – can be displayed next to your TV using AirPlay function – through WiFi, but you will need and Apple TV device. By simply touching the icon AirPlay, your Apple TV and iPad already connected and everything is displayed on the tablet, you can see the TV.

ipad-2-ukThrough Apple VGA port tablet can also be connected to the TV, the image on it becomes a mirror of what you see on your iPad2. So you can easily submit your presentation and everything you do on it even if you rotate it from portrait to wide format, view photos, watch a movie, etc.

Another interesting feature of which you can get a print without a cable connection, but with Wi-Fi. This option is called AirPrint, not having to install additional software or driver. Only a few taps you can easily print out your airline ticket, for example. Clearly, however, the printer must also have technology AirPrint (for example the latest generation wireless printers HP).

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